About us
We came in touch with the Himalayas and the people of Uttarakhand province, north of Delhi, through our yoga practice. Some of us had visited villages in the area shortly before they were buried by mudslides in the 2013 flood.

Uttarakhand is defined by the high mountains of the Himalayas. That’s why the impact of the excessive rains was so devastating: Mountainsides started sliding, little streams turned into raging rivers, and infrastructure was permanently destroyed. People lost their existence and many children became orphans.

This catastrophe was the reason for starting this nonprofit, Maitri Vihar. Our mission is to not only provide spontaneous help to individuals, who fell into hardship, but to become a long-term partner for those in need.

Maitri Vihar gained nonprofit status with the German tax authorities and now reaches out to the community to find support for these goals. Our low administrative overhead is covered through our membership fees. Trips into the regions are paid out-of-pocket, so that every cent of your donation directly benefits the people of Uttarakhand.


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Unsere Hilfsprojekte

Impressionen aus der betroffenen Region vor der Flutkatastrophe